"Steve is an excellent osteopath who focuses on treating the whole body. He actively listens to what you have to say and treats your problems holistically, focussing on the root cause as well as the affected area. My monthly ‘MOT’ is essential to my well-being and I walk out of his treatment room with a body that moves with ease. Steve provides much needed advice on what could be causing the problems so that you can help yourself until your next visit."

M McGrory

“In December 2011, I broke my back. The realisation of what had happened to me and how my life would change was enormous. It is impossible for me to express fully in a few words how Steve Hall helped me from the very beginning through to rehabilitation, and the continued support which I will need for the foreseeable future. Trust and honesty have been the key elements in our partnership working towards tangible improvements step-by-step, literally.”

Greg Wheeler

“Having seen a number of osteopaths over the years, I find Steve’s holistic approach to be far superior to the typical ‘treat the obvious symptoms’ method often found elsewhere. He takes time to find and address the underlying issues using a combination of cranial and classical osteopathic techniques and has truly changed the way I move and feel.”

Phil Keeling