Is your car causing your back pain?

Could your car be the cause of your back pain? Find out now.

As an osteopath it’s not just about treating the pain, it’s about investigating the cause of that pain and then understanding how to prevent the symptoms from reoccurring.

Recently, I had a patient which illustrates this very well – a very common back pain, but a relatively unusual cause. Upon initial consultation, there wasn’t anything in the patient’s medical history or lifestyle that pointed to a root cause for his pain.

During our wider conversation, it came to light that he had recently embarked on a change of career, which resulted in less physical activity day-to-day and a lot of driving. His symptoms gradually started after this change in his lifestyle. This started to get me thinking about the driving position in his vehicle – could this be the cause of this back pain? As I was treating the symptoms, we talked more about the possible cause.

The problem with the car he was driving, was that although he could change his physical position (closer or further from the steering wheel, higher or lower in the seat, etc…) the problem was that the pedals were positioned slightly to the left with a large space between each. This meant that every single day, this patient was sitting with his pelvis slightly tilted to the left, which in turn was aggravating his back. With a little investigation I found evidence that a lot of people who owned this particular make and model of vehicle also suffered with back problems.

A couple of treatments later, some advice on altering his seating position while driving and reintroducing exercise daily, and he is feeling better. All that he needs now is a new company car to ensure he stays perfectly balanced.

It’s not always just about understanding your body. Osteopathy is a full-body, holistic therapy and wider factors such as your work environment, fitness regime or even your lifestyle can have a huge effect on symptoms of pain.

My goal is always to find, and then treat, the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms. If you have unexplained aches and pains, give us a call on 07921076758 or drop us an email on to make an appointment.